Bennett Auction Service


Estate Specialists selling real estate and personal property by online or live auction method

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  Since we are licensed as both an Auction Company and a Real Estate Brokerage, we are able to offer you the flexibility of selling your property before, at or after auction.  We are experienced and successful in offering real estate at public auction, with a current sell rate of around 83%.


  The auction method of marketing creates urgency through a set timeline.  This motivates buyers to make decisions and act. In our current economy, selling at auction is a timely, effective and efficient means of realizing market value.  

  Bennett Auction Service is pleased to offer both online and live auction services.  If needed, we are also able to provide an alternate location for your sale.  We'd be glad to discuss your situation and options.


  If you have a collection, accumulation or partial estate to sell, you may be best served by including it in one of our consignment auctions.  We hold several per year at our warehouse location.

Personal Property Auctions:

Real Estate Auctions:

Personal Property Appraisals:

  We use the knowledge and experience gained at auction to offer current and accurate personal property appraisals, and are available to assist with most types of personal property settlements.

Benefit and Charity Auctions:

  We are always glad to help out with charity auctions and benefits, and do so free of charge.  If you know of a need, please call.

Transitional Assistance:

  We can help you downsize with dignity.  Everyone faces transitional situations in life, along with the accompanying uncertainties and challenges.  We have assisted seniors and others in relocations, downsizing, foreclosures, and estate settlements.  When it's time, we're here to help.

Storage and transfer of firearms:

  We are federally licensed to instigate background checks and to transfer firearms, and are allowed to ship firearms throughout the nation to other federally licensed dealers.  We also offer secure storage of estate and other firearm collections.